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Sometimes, our images just don’t come out as expected. Fortunately, Adobe Photoshop permits you to sharpen your images as much as you would love.

The results might not be as best as a real sharp photo, but it will provide you much better results. Here, we will go over different ways to sharpen an image in Photoshop.

How to Sharpen an Image in Photoshop

Sharpening is a vital step in the editing process that includes contrast along the edges of the objects, making them look more defined and crisper. Here are some ways to sharpen a picture in Photoshop.

Unsharp mask filter

The most general and traditional way of sharpening in Photoshop is by using the Unsharp mask filter. The filter improves the contrast, clarity, and sharpens of an image by creating a mask that identifies edges and then raises the contrast.

  • To use the Unsharp Mask Filter first change your layer to a smart object.
  • Access to unsharp Mask using filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask menu.
  • Open the dialog box and replace sharpening based on your image limits. Anyway, it is vital to bear in mind too much sharpening can make the image pixelated and noisy.

High pass filter

Another way to sharpen a picture is by using the High Pass filter. This filter works by improving the edges of the picture and making them more defined. It is generally used in mixture with the Unsharp mask filter for a more right and targeted adjustment.

Smart Sharpen

Photoshop Smart sharpen filter provides a new way of sharpening an image. It permits users to adjust the amount of sharpening based on the picture highlights, midtones, and shadows. This spec also contains a new panel that permits users to decrease motion stipples and blur.

Shake reduction

Photoshop shake reduction spec works to decrease camera motion blur. It uses an algorithm to check the image and then correct for any motion blur detected. This spec is particularly helpful for images click in low light or quick-moving objects.


Camera raw filter

If you are looking to sharpen your pictures, the Camera raw filter is a strong tool that can help you get the results you want. It can be found under the Filter menu in Photoshop. It permits you to sharpen an image, as well as adjust the contrast, brightness, and saturation.

First, open your image in Adobe Photoshop. Then, go to the filter menu and pick camera raw filter. When the camera raw filter dialog box emerges, go to the sharpness tab.

Here, you will view a slider that you can use to adjust the amount of sharpening you want to use your picture. If you want to preview the sharpening effect, just click on the preview checkbox.

How do I make an image clearer in Photoshop

Open the photograph in Photoshop then click CTRL+J to copy the background. You must click Layer one in the layer panel. You can also pick Filter than other. The High passes will be checked first. The higher the values, the sharper and unblur the image will be.


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