How to unblur text in an image online



Pixelated or blurred texts in images can be very frustrating. Whether it is a phone number in an image you need to call or smart print in a scanned document you need to read, the blurry text keeps you from accessing the detail you need.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways unblur and enhance image text using software-based image text enhancers.

In this article, we will look at the best techniques for clarifying blurred numbers and words in photos.


MyEdit is a must have tool. The Deblur spec of MyEedit is a latest tool wonderfully crafted to breathe life into your pictures with stunning precision and clarity. This mechanical and cost-free solution transcends conventional limits, permitting you to elevate the resolution of your images with just a few clicks.

Here are steps of how to unblur a picture with MyEdit:

  • Login in MyEdit Site with Google/App Store/Facebook or Cyberlink account
  • Pick “Deblur” from the menu
  • Pick and import an image from your device that you want to unblur.
  • Let the Al tool mechanically unblur your picture
  • Adjust the deblur strength and download the picture



The “Al Enhancer” spec is a stunning tool in PhotoDirector that leverages latest Al algorithms. With a one click, it mechanically analyzes and better photos, optimizing elements like contrast, brightness, sharpens, and saturation. This results in significantly better image standard, making photo enhancement a fast and user-friendly process.

Below, we are telling you how to unblur a picture and enhancer it on one click:

  • Open PhotoDirector
  • Click Al Enhancer and import your image
  • Wait for the stunning result



Picwish is an Al-powered tool that targets on processing pictures, ranging from editing pictures, resizing pictures, and converting picture types, to producing test from images. It also excels at Al unblur pictures free, you can now use it restore cherished image photos, bring out more details of fuzzy pictures, and deblur low-resolution images. You can try it just online and download it to your mobile device or PC.

Key features in image unblur Al progress:

  • It uses Al technology to better and fix blurry images.
  • It permits you to unblur oictures online free one by one but in bulk if you use it in its application.
  • It provides a clear comparison of before and after.
  • It has no watermark on the preview picture.


Tips to avoid blurry images

Luckily, most of the issues we mentioned earlier are not difficult to fix. Here are a few tips to try to get better-standard images before and after you edit:

  • Focus rightly to unblur pictures
  • Use a wide-angle lens to avoid blurry pictures
  • Use a bigger aperture setting to unblur images
  • Use a tripod to deblur images
  • Use the “Deblur” tool from PhotoDirector

Experimenting with these changes can help you to figure out the unblur text issue so that you can use the best camera lighting and settings, as well as keep your phone steady when you shoot.


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